Allow Limited Block Compounding

domingo shared this feedback 2 years ago

Some blocks on small/large grids are literally same (like Interior Light, Camera).

Others have same functionality, they just take N*(5^3) more space (Programming Block, Timer Block) - that is a big waste of space.

If some small grid blocks would be allowed to be attached directly to large blocks, their large grid counterparts could be removed from game.

Maybe allow some small blocks to be attached anywhere (in 5x5 "grid") on any large block (like Camera, Interior Light, Button, Control Panel, Sensor, Sound Block). Even allowing up to 25 such connections per (valid) face of the block.

Some others (Timer, Programming Block, Beacon, Text Panel, Remote Control, maybe Antenna, Ore Detector) via special block - like Digi's Electronic Panel mod ... but without the quasi-rotor part. Even filling up to 5x5x5 (minus panel) to create 'automatization core'.

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Why is there no compounding submission in the mainstream here, they literally created the system already for ME. It would making building large grids so much more useful, I know you can use small grids with the new update but It will always be more glitchy than if it were part of the same grid.