Allow for tool use on ladders

Stuart Alleyne shared this feedback 13 months ago

Ladders are awesooooome space savers! But their utility is handy capped by 9/10ths. When building tall structures without jet packs in survival (lost colony wind farms and elevated antennas) You end up having to build a whole jiggy gantry thing cause you cant build a ladder above you from the ladder you're on. You'd have to build a parallel ladder and numerous platforms in order to get to the top ladder that you didn't finish cause you ran out. Please allow for the use of building tools while on a ladder in some way.

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just in case you didn't know, Psycho has added Digi's awesome ladder logic to the vanilla ladders - you get tool use, full looking around, fast movement and jumping and leaning off to the sides (and jumping off in any direction) - check it out, it's awesome - you even get sound (which the vanilla ladder doesn't have) - only thing you lose is the pretty climbing animation - so you switch the maths and get the 9/10ths and lose that 1/10th :-)