Allow blocks on top of (or adjacent to) steel catwalk plate

Zoli K. shared this feedback 3 years ago


Currently steel catwalk plate prevents other blocks on top of it which in some cases is annoying/unrealistic. For e.g.

1. If I am doing a nice floor I cannot extend it for e.g. under the curved part of the medbay which does not fully cover its block.

2. Catwalk plate is preventing me putting an LCD/Text Screen block on the adjacent "wall" block which is unrealistic/annoying. See attached screenshots: I can put the lcd to the wall where I do not have a catwalk plate but not to that one which has a catwalk plate at its bottom.

I think that in order to achieve the desired result the plate block would be treated as a special block that does not logically occupy its whole cube as it is doing now.


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This is the case for all blocks, not just catwalks. Only one block per cell can work.

They need something better designed to allow more combinations than this though.

Allowing placement of smallgrid blocks on largegrid (like in Medieval Engineers) would be ideal as long as people understand they can't pressurize the grid with those.


Indeed, a general improvement would be even better, but chances to get are less I think :(


I would love this ability with catwalks, I want to be able to have a control panel on a block with a catwalk that leads up to it, or even a button panel on a catwalk. There are all other sorts of examples that should work.