All respawn pods should contain all tools as well as rifle and ammo

Gwindalmir shared this feedback 5 years ago

There is a world option "respawn with tools"

Currently this option is useless, since if you uncheck it, you cannot progress since the starting pods don't contain any tools, or even a drill at least.

Please add tools to the droppods, or if you don't want to, then remove that option, since it's useless anyway (just kidding, please don't remove it, add the tools).

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For the record, when I say "add tools to the droppods" I mean in addition to leaving them on the character.

Worst case, there's a duplicate/useless set of tools on the droppod. Which is fine, that doesn't harm anything. It's only one tool set.

However adding them, means that for veteran players that want to play with "spawn with tools" disabled, actually can play, as there will be a set of tools on the pod. Yes, that means if we die, it may be game over. That's what we want!


Under that set of Options wouldn't you respawn with tools in the drop pod in another location?


I had made another post commenting about the same thing. Please add the tools under the seat next to the rifle and ammo. No engineer should leave home without them. Its annoying to always spawn with tools. I also like to turn that setting off. I still might and just hope that sometime soon you can get them from the supply drops, just to make things even more interesting. Sure it could take an hour before you see a hand drill show up. Please fix this issue and add them to the seat. Some of us like it a little more challenging.

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