Airtight grid connections

Ian Hatchett shared this feedback 3 years ago

A collection of 4 large grid blocks to allow grids to be connected, move and at the same time preserve air tightness.

Airtight Hinge: a hinge with a corridor down the center to allow crew to pass through. Size: 3x3x3

Airtight Rotor: a rotor where the outside edge spins around a stationary corridor space. Part 1: 3x3x1 with an empty center, outside part 5x5x1

Airtight Piston: it’s a piston with a corridor down the middle. 3x3x3, extended 3x3x13.

Airtight Connector: It’s an oversized connector with a space in the middle. 3x3x1 doughnut. If two of the connectors are connected a rubber seal is inflated (technically ensuring the outside edge of the blocks are treated as sealed)

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It is already possible to build airtight connections between separate grids (in same size) using Merge Blocks.

The trick is to only have slopes touching each others from each grid (or slopes on one of the grids as a minimum), except the Merge Blocks of cause. Then airtight merging can be done without permanent connections between the grids.

Illustrated here:

| |  | |  | | Grid-A
|/  |-|  \|
|\  |-|  /|
| |  | |  | | Grid-B 

|-| = Merge Blocks

|\ = Slope Armor Blocks

| | = Armor Blocks


I think he means a way of docking two grids together without actually merging the grids into one, I use one or two airlocks between the docking ports to regulate pressure and two connectors to have an accurate alignment between each grid, however i would like to connect two ships perhaps with a 3x3 docking block that is airtight when locked, acts like a connector, and allows passage through a 1x1 hole in its center.


Okay I see. Though, for bigger modular stations I would still prefer to build my own airtight passages between the modules with merge blocks, e.g. with elevators or lifts passing through.

It would just be so nice if it wasn't only the "Slope (or the 2x1x1 Tip) Armor Block" that was temporary merging airtight, but also e.g. corner tip, so one could make a more "round" passage, without the merging gets permanent.


Blocks for building passenger boarding bridges, that would be nice! Or even just general pressurized walkways inside ships that go through otherwise unpressurized volume!

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