Airlock block

Levi shared this feedback 36 days ago

I've noticed and read that scripts are disabled by default on new servers and as such I'd assume the official servers are not reconfigured to enable scripts for programmable blocks. If we are not permitted to use workshop scripts in official servers, could you guys please make a 2x1 or 2x2 buildable airlock to come stock with the game so that we can have conveniently pressurized bases? This would allow for KEEN Software House to ensure that the script in use is verified and a part of the game for players on official and vanilla servers. While this doesn't seem like a big ask, I am concerned that KSH has sacrificed the quality of their game by severely restricting what a player can do so that they can save a little money on server costs or admin fees. You all have made a great game and I do enjoy playing it, but not being able to use stock blocks because of a server setting is a little dis-heartening.

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Just use two doors. Sure, it isn't quite as efficient by default, but that's what timer blocks are for.