Air Vent Improvements / Fixes

domingo shared this feedback 21 months ago
  • Small-Grid version should be much less powerful (and energy demanding) than Large-Grid
  • reconsider active power usage - it is really high
  • fix: Air Vent is never in 'idle' state thus it takes too much power
  • power usage should be according to how much capacity of the vent is used (i.e. 0 l/s == idle power, 50% l/s == 50% of active power consumption)
  • fix: when set to depressurize and turned off, it will sometimes fill oxygen tanks
  • Script API: add

float Atmosphere { get; } // same value as IMyParachute.Atmosphere

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330 KW... Air vent could be used as thruster with such powerful engine ;-)... Rotor, 33600000 N, 2 KW. It's been like that for ages, no matter that fixing is as easy as using imagination combined with common sense plus 15 minutes of someones life.