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Ethan A Bunch shared this feedback 4 years ago

So KSH has recently asked on their media platforms about what features we'd like to see in Space Engineers. Many people will say weapons or weather or more planets (which I do think more planets would be great!) but I think that the main thing that's been missing with this game is something to liven and enrich overall gameplay. I believe having actual AI engineers in game would make the SE universe feel more alive and happening! For instance in the last update Keen released the Safe Zone and the Store/Contract Blocks for players to set up trade stations and sell merchandise. The big problem is that players can buy from factions but can only sell stuff if he player travels to the Npc's station and almost forces them to buy it! It makes it easy to buy stuff but no way to utilize the Store and Contract blocks to their full potential. Even in servers no one wants to take the risk of being attacked just to buy a few items from a player. Stations cost too much and give too little reward. Having a stream of AI Engineers to trade with would not only make it a very desirable thing to achieve but also make single player games much more interesting and lively! I'm going to list the ideas for engineers abilities and interactions below.

*Ai engineers would fly their ships to stations and will buy a balanced amount of a random product from your store blocks and accept contracts to.

*They can be spotted in cargo ships walking around and doing tasks. Similar to how the Exploration Enhancement Mod adds engineers in the cockpits of ships

*The engineers would be able to interact with players with emotes and an RPG style communication system. This would allow them to carry either casual quick conversation or for the player to get involved with the engineer and maybe even accept jobs from him. Perhaps they would drop the Datapad with the info for the job to make those more prevelant in the game?

*The Engineers can be in the stations that Repair Contracts say to repair. They would talk to the player upon arrival and just add a bit of story and depth to the contracts

*Random mining missions and exploration similar to cargo ships and random encounters would make the illusion that the factions are actually gathering resources and exploring. On planets they can use rifles and take down spiders and wolves when on planets. Maybe an incentive for providing some supporting fire against the spiders and wolves?

Radio Communication:

Laser Antennas and regular Antennas have been in the game for a long time but besides sharing ore locations and remote control functions they don't do much. An addition of a transmitting system in game would allow the player to communicate with ships of other factions. For instance if a convoy is flying by the player can ask to assist and get a reward for doing an Escort mission. Also the system can work for player to player communication as well. Either being able to type out messages or the quick RPG style chat. A separate Radio Communication block would be amazing!

I hope the guys at Keen are reading this and I hope that you like this idea as much as I do!

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i have the similar post, i agree and feel this is much more needed atm then weapons, weather or more planets

like weapons For example whats the point of getting more weapons if you don't really have anything to use it on

(Link to my post if interested )


Hello I apologize for the late response! With the intentions of keen to make a community update next I've been more vocal about my ideas on the forums and recently posted my ideas on hydromanning and jetpack balancing. Thank you for showing me and I'll definitely check yours out!

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