Advanced settings is cluttered! Needs organising and pruning!

Daze Dream shared this feedback 2 years ago

There are hundreds of options in the advanced settings that most people wouldnt touch or cause too much difference in multiplayer experience across servers in a counter intuitive way.

-Spiders, wolves, drones and any other mob, should be placed in one checkbox or be a part of the world safe/difficulty setting.

-Show player names, enable spectator, reset ownership, enable copy paste, delete respawn ship should be made redundant, and have these abilities available to the space master in-game.

-Station related options could be made redundant by adding a station anchor block in-game for a ton of gravity components.

-Welding speed, inventory size etc I think should be standardised for a more consistent experience across multiplayer servers, and to prevent boring experience by having too small inventory or too slow speed that has driven away my friends in the past from this game. This will also allow you to better balance the game and ensure the experience and speed of gameplay is fun and polished.

-Enable economy and bounty contracts really should be one option.

-Thruster damage, sub-grid damage, friendly missile damage are things that create a split in game experience and expectation, a divide on whos ships designs can play on what servers and I personally don't think should be a thing.

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-Spiders, wolves, and drones are different mobs with different capabilities and should be able to be turned on or off independently of each other. Each type of mob adds its own type of challenges that the other mobs don't. I personally don't play with wolves on usually, however I do typically leave spiders and drones on. Lumping them all into one box basically forces an all or nothing approach on people and would essentially force one person's preferred playstyle on everyone else.

-Space Master Options: Just because someone is an admin on a server doesn't mean they always want to be in admin mode. Having the ability to turn abilities on/off when needed allows the admin to do what needs to be done, but also still play with everyone else.

-Welding/Inventory: This is something that can already be customized to your liking either in the menu settings, or by modding the blocks themselves. I personally prefer block inventories to be set to realistic but have my character inventory be a little larger. Having the official servers set to a certain standardized option is something they already do or should be doing. Not everyone prefers the same inventory size and welding speed, and not all servers are official Keen servers. They have no control over what happens on unofficial servers.

-Economy and bounty contracts: Having economy active is not the same thing as having bounty contracts turned on. Bounty contracts are PVP type items. Not everyone is going to be into that sort of thing.

-Thruster damage, sub-grid damage, friendly missile damage: Again this stuff is standardized already on the Keen official servers or should be. Each of those 3 settings brings their own individual challenges. Some people like those settings, some people don't. Keen again has no control over what happens on non-official servers. Not every server is going to have the same settings, and not every server is going to play with the exact settings you like. I use custom thrusters on my worlds that I created to my liking. I also have welders with increased range vs standard welders. Some might like my mods, some might not. Because of the differences in server settings, not every build is going to work on every server. That doesn't automatically mean those builds are bad or inferior, it just means those builds won't work for those servers. Not every server needs to be the same, and not every person is going to enjoy the same settings as each other. The way you have framed this would potentially force undesired settings on other people and force your potential playstyle on others.

-Station: This can be taken care of easily enough by attaching the station to an asteroid or putting basic maneuvering thrusters on the station that keep it in place. I honestly think this can be done already with alot less work.

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