Additional Weapons (Ideas Included!)

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Hey there, Keen.

While Space Engineers is a wonderful game (My favorite, in fact), I find the weapons selection to be a little... lacking. Additional weapons could add loads to the game, and would be fun to mess around with in general. I have a few ideas myself:

Ideas For New Weapons


A block weapon for large ships that launches a 60 mm Electromagnetic (EM) Cartridge at a very high speed, dealing massive damage. The inspiration behind this weapon is simple: In creative mode, I was messing around with placing things while moving. As I was going around 100 m/s, I placed a heavy armor block, which proceeded to fly into a ship, wreaking havoc on it. And then, eureka!


Pretty straight-forward: a handgun. Every arsenal needs a sidearm. Better safe than sorry!


Missile launchers are fun, why require a ship? A handheld missile launcher would be loads of fun! Someone take down your ship? You're not out of the fight yet! Pull out your missile launcher and give them a taste of their own medicine!

Sniper Rifle

You're enemies will never know what hit them. Because they'll be dead. What's the point of building a tower if you can't use it to snipe your foes from afar?


Too busy to gun down enemies yourself? Don't have any turrets to do it for you? Use a landmine! Your enemies are one step away from never stepping again!

Laser Weapons

What's a futuristic space game without lasers? Whether handheld or placed on ships, laser weapons would really give that classic "sci-fi" feeling to the game.

I have many more ideas for weapons, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Space Engineers is an amazing game - with or without these additions - and deserves far more support. I just hope I can help support it with some ideas.

Sincerly, A Player.

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A flack cannon would make more sense for point defense than our typical gatling turrets


Very much agree about the pistol and the RPG (especially if the pistol could be a spawn weapon). But I think rail gun type weapons are more fun to be kept as an engineering challenge. (Look at the rotor guns and gravity cannons on the workshop).

I also think the sniper might be a bad idea. Any highly accurate, long ranged, high damage weapon will be difficult to balance in a game as subject to lag and AI weirdness as SE.

Personally I do like the idea of power based energy weapons like lasers in SE but I feel they shouldn't be too "high tech", and their damage should be low to balance their lack of ammunition. I picture them being great anti missile defence, and a useful annoyance against small ships but not worth the power drain against anything too armoured.


Railguns are simply necessary. One more weapon type, and something that can outrange gatties.

Pistols aren't exactly needed, but I'm in favor of them as basic weapons. The rifle can come later.

RPGs are also needed. Something that allows suit-to-ship combat. Careful balancing it though.

Sniper rifles are pointless. Against ships, they're superseded by RLs. Against suits, we already have enough suit-to-suit combat. We're space engineers, not space marines.

Some kind of charge packs would be good, but landmines in particular aren't exactly a good example. Interior turrets already make short work of suits.

Laser weapons would be interesting, but might end up a little awkward. I can see them as a missile/suit defense mechanism, but a larger laser feels more like a weapon for the sake of a weapon with railguns and gatties already showing enough diversity.


i definitely want a sniper and a light machine gun in the game the lmg doesn't have to do more block damage but has a larger magazine then the ARs

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