Additional Vanilla Landing Gear Block

Phillip Nunya shared this feedback 3 years ago

I suggest adding an additional landing gear block to the game that would function in the same way as the original one with a big difference: It would be slim and flat (basically a skid or pad rather than a huge block). Think only one block tall or maybe even flat like catwalks. The original block would still have a place. The fact that it's taller would allow for more ground clearance. It could also be more durable than the slim version to further balance it.

I'm sure many of you have a similar opinion about about this and have gotten a little tired of trying to design around big, bulky landing gear when trying to make sleek or compact ships. I know that this isn't something urgent or top priority, but it would be extremely easy to create and implement. As far as mods go, it's one of the easier ones to do. The hard part would be creating the model, but that should be quick and easy for the devs. It's well worth the little bit of time it would take to add to the game in my opinion, considering how many more options it would give players when designing their next ship.

I would appreciate any feedback about this idea, especially from anyone from Keen or the SE dev team if they happen to see this. Thanks for your time.

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I'm not 100% sure on how it should look like, but I do agree that more block choices are a nice to have thing.


I think they should add a landing gear with smaller hitbox that is also retractable similar to the hangar doors.


I was about to suggest the same thing! Similar. Kinda-ish. I still hope to get around to it someday. :3

Also, see this mod:

Smaller landing gears also allow to make "clamps" for safeguarding moving parts of the ship against the Clang.


I voted, but it would probably end up in another block pack which would complicate other maters more...