Additional Smaller Medical Block

Phillip Nunya shared this feedback 21 months ago

I suggest adding a smaller, more compact version of the medical room block without the ability to act as a spawn point.

While the current medical room block is useful and does everything we need done, it becomes unnecessarily large if we only want to use it for replenishing our engineer (health, power, hydrogen, and oxygen). If it were me, I would make the new block only two by one blocks (half the size of the medical room block) and keep the general look of the half of the block model that has the big tanks on it. That way you don't even need to start the new model from scratch.

Additionally, I don't think it would break the balance of the game to create a small block version since it couldn't be used as a spawn point. The block size on small grids would probably be relatively bigger than the large grid variant of course. This would be great for long range small ships or transports and would eliminate the need to jump into a cockpit (which can cause other problems).

I think this block would be fairly quick and easy to add to the game, and it would (in my opinion) eliminate the problem of having to dedicate a fairly large space to a block you don't intend to fully utilize on large grids. It would also provide a new option for small grids.

Please let me know what you think. I welcome any feedback you want to share.

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I would suggest the opposite, a small medical room 1x1 that only allows you to respawn but maybe has a minute timer between respawns and the current one could be the "advanced" medical bay that doesn't have that timer.

I make a lot of grav ships and medbays and jump drives are the 2 most annoying blocks to place, having a 1x1 medbay would be very nice.


Call it a first aid station, and be sure to make it symmetrical ftw.