Additional Consumable Inventory Items (Health Packs and Batteries) / Additional Battery Power Block

Phillip Nunya shared this feedback 3 years ago

I suggest adding two additional consumable items for player engineers: Health packs and batteries. The power block idea is kind of an add on that is dependent on the first idea, so I couldn't really create a separate post for it.

The idea is simple enough. A health pack would restore a reasonably large amount of the player's health, and a battery would restore a reasonably large amount of the player's energy. Considering the other consumable items already vanilla, I think these two items are logical additions missing from the game.

Health packs could be created by medical room blocks (which could also charge batteries in addition to filling tanks), while batteries could be produced by an assembler. I would suggest that they don't stack in the inventory and take up a considerable amount of space (like the oxygen and hydrogen bottles) to help keep people from abusing them.

An interesting block to consider would be a power block of sorts that is fueled by the batteries. It could have a limited inventory where you would place the batteries.

There could be two options for series and parallel. The maximum output and capacity of the overall block would be determined by the total number of batteries, the average charge of the batteries, and the stats chosen for the batteries themselves. The battery stats (voltage and amp-hours) and inventory size would ultimately determine the balance for the block. (For those who don't know, batteries connected in series have the same collective capacity as just one battery but greater potential output. Batteries connected in parallel have the same collective output as one battery but greater capacity.)

While this may seem complicated, it should be easy. The math (or logic for the block) involved is well understood and used in real life, often taught in high school.

If some batteries in the inventory are more depleted than others, the block would automatically balance the charge so every battery has the same amount of energy. If the block is on a powered grid, there could be an option to charge the batteries instead of discharging them (basically the same options on a normal battery block).

The purpose of the block would be to provide afforable limited power to smaller grids as well as providing a better bulk charging solution. It could be used to provide a cheap solution for providing emergency power or perhaps a temporary solution to bring dead blocks online when salvaging.

I consider the first idea to be more important than the second, but both would awesome additions and relatively easy to implement in my opinion. I would love any feedback you guys have to offer. Lemme know what you think.

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The workshop made a rough draft of this idea you can find that here.

Either way i say it would be cool to have consumables that go past a single use for health and energy.