add spider nests and wolf dens

sporgog gog shared this feedback 4 years ago

Hello All,

i see a lot of people wanting more PVE things, so what if there is a new thing added to expand, contain and control the current wolf and spider spawns more. rather than making new npc's.

like the pirate ships call in drones for back up, what if there were nests or dens that had the same type of system?

talking spiders, the nest could be zone (like safe zone) and there are eggs in it, step on to the web ( in to the zone ) they agro players.

each egg could spawn 1 spider per sec, that way there can be small and large nests to scale difficulty levels.

and the eggs could have rare ores and ingots the spiders have "collected" as loot, making it worth the battle and effort to fight a larger spider horde.

the same could be done for wolves, they could have a territory with a wolf dens to spawn them.

also if the safe zone system could be used or modified to support creature nests there could be infested asteroids with overrun stations and the random encounters could be the same.

by combining the spiders with the encounters i think that will give most players the pve experience there looking for and would keep true to the universal lore.

"the pirates who controlled the black market in this sector of space got in to spider smuggling. not knowing how how quick they breed, there entire network and every empire in the system was infested in days. those that fled could, those that did not make it out can be found around the universe. with there ships logs and cargo holds unattended . . . by any humans."

and to all @ KEEN, love the game, keep up the good work.


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Bring back something cool like the cyberhounds! they make a lot more sense than wolves!

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