Add older, LCD-less cockpits back into the game

Thrak shared this feedback 3 years ago

With the 1.190 update, cockpits (and flight seats) saw a dramatic increase in PCU due to the new display feature. Not all use scenarios really need this sort of display, however. It would be helpful to have the option to place “basic” (i.e., non-LCD configurable) seats and cockpits or “advanced” (the new current) seats and cockpits. This would aid players on dedicated servers with strict limits to manage PCU, but still allow them to have dedicated control stations for backup, running specific equipment like projectors or weapons, etc.

I propose adding the old versions back into the game (whilst keep the newer versions) with some new nomenclature to distinguish them.

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I dont really mind either way, in terms of the LCDs, but what i find annoying is that there was a forced update to all of the cockpits, a feature than can be argued of its usefulness, that then also increased their PCU cost. Its a little unfair in terms of balance, especially for prebuilt constructions.

Its like if a shooter game took your pistol, the side-arm that is on you at all times, and added a laser sight. Useful to some, but only to a certain degree. But now that gun takes up twice as much of your inventory as it did before.

I know the concept is try and control server load, but come on. Its a cockpit. No one should be spamming them anyway

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