Add new Checkbox for Ship Control to Cockpits, or fix Control Thrusters

AccidentallyTheCable shared this feedback 2 years ago

Currently, Marking 'Control Thrusters' off, literally does as it states, but you can still move the ship around via Gyros. Setting a block to 'Main Cockpit' is great, except you cant specify 2 of them, or easily switch between the two.

Proposing Either:

A) Checkbox for 'Control Gyros'

B) Checkbox for 'Control Ship'

C) Both?!

Additionally, please make these available via Programmable Block API

Being able to toggle ship control allows the use of Flight and Cockpits for other things beyond flying. Currently I Have a ship which has a cockpit seat that controls some rotors via PBs, but if I move the mouse, I can mess with whoever is navigating.

Cant use Passenger Seats because you cant do anything in them beyond emote

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Very good observations.

I totally agree, control seats and cokpit needs theese improvements.