Add more options to character customisation!

Auhrii shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hello once again! I've run out of fun ways to introduce ideas, so I'll just get to the point: The character customisation system could benefit a lot from more options:

  • More than one colour: As it currently stands, you can choose one colour that applies to your engineer's entire suit. This works okay, more or less, but I propose an expansion to this - allowing us to recolour our helmets, suits, gloves and boots separately, and allowing us to recolour parts of certain skins. Take, for example, the light blue emissives and the grey quilted parts of the next-gen skin; being able to recolour these independently would allow a lot more variety, and increase the appeal of skins by having them double as recolourable "patterns".
  • Basic face customisation: I'm not asking for a thousand face shape sliders or anything of the like, but a skin colour slider and some preset beards/hair colours would make a world of difference.
  • Preset saving: Letting us save combinations of skins and colours as presets and switch between them with the click of a button would be a great quality of life addition, saving time for people who like to switch between styles frequently.

Now for something potentially divisive: I feel that character customisation would be a better fit for DLC than adding new blocks. When you boil it down, this game revolves around blocks, and paywalling blocks off, cosmetic or otherwise, doesn't feel right - not to mention that some blocks arguably give an advantage (for example, grated catwalks allow for some more compact rooms, as they can be used as flooring that also allows the passage of air). Character customisation has none of these problems.

Thank you for this game, sincerely. I've poured almost 2,000 hours into it, and hope I can manage just as many again.

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i don't think the customization should be a dlc unless it has a lot content meaning:

character height and Torso bulk

Arm/Leg Bulk

face Sliders at least for:

  • eye depth/position
  • nose width/length
  • jaw width/height
  • mouth size
  • Cranium Size

if it has less than that nobody will buy the pack anyways

i would rather see a face Category in the medbay Skin section (like helmets) because it doesn't change too much with the current engineers and if you don't bother you can just ignore it, but you can have a base section of 4 or 5 faces to customize


Yeah, that's how I feel about it too. Didn't want to include that in the suggestion though in case it pushed it "out of scope" of the game and resulted in the suggestion being declined.

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