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Add full multi-select in the GPS box

Jarod997 shared this feedback 2 years ago
Not Enough Votes

Please add support for:

  • Range select, via shift-click; click GPS entry one, shift-click GPS entry five, all GPS entries between and including entries one and five are selected
  • Multi-single select, via control-click; click GPS entry one, control-click CPS entries five and seven, and all three entries are selected
  • Group operations, on selections; select more than one GPS entry, then change options such as "Show on HUD", "Always Visible", "Color", and perhaps even "Copy to clipboard"

Do you have any idea how annoying it is to tag mining spots (such as rocks, fields and asteroids), and other points of interest (wreck, trading post, bases, other structures, etc) and NOT be able to mass select your GPS tags? What if I want to make all my rock tags yellow, my mining field tags blue, all my mining rig (static) grids red, etc. And changing the parameters when you create the tags is not an answer - that doesn't address the problem of mass editing your GPS tags.

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Yes, similar, but I feel my description is more complete.

First link, had the basic idea, I do like the warning idea - I've edited my comment added a comment to reflect that.

Second link, seems to only want "show/hide" - there's more functionality grouping can do which I've indicated.

Second link comment: Adding the show/hide by range is technically a separate request. (I'd like to see that feature.)


Well, just wishing you good luck with those remaining 48 votes to earn getting noticed by Keen.


Edit: Include a warning if you're going to delete multiple (eg more than one) GPS entry.

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