Add check for grids enclosed by pressurized room

Ausoge shared this feedback 17 months ago

I have some fighters inside a pressurized hangar built on a no-atmosphere world. I want to fill the fighters' o2 tank with some vents set to "depressurize" air from the pressurized hangar, so that I do not need to pipe a connector to them - but the vents on the fighter tell me "Room Not Pressurized" despite the fact that it is parked inside a confirmed pressurized room.

I'm told that this is because grids don't check if they're inside a larger pressurized grid.

Since this is something vents can do on Earthlike and Alien planets, it is inconsistent that they can't do it within pressurized rooms of a separate grid - any chance of this becoming a feature?

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Reported years ago, still nothing changed. I hope Keen will do it....eventually