Add a texturing tool or an interior surface. That armor texture everywhere is unbearable.

lkjnmko shared this feedback 20 months ago

I think one of the weakest points of building in Space Engineers is the fact that no matter what you build, you're generally stuck with that single armor texture almost everywhere.

It's arguably very ugly as an interior surface, prevents good immersion, and makes it more difficult to enjoy the result of the many hours of work we put into building things.

In the last live stream the topic of decorations came up:

I'd argue that an alternative texture (I think smooth, no scratches, no lines) needs to be the very first decorative addition to the game.

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Hmm... deformable blocks in this game are made of separate panels on each side, I'm thinking they could make those panels replaceable.

I'm thinking placing armor blocks then grinding off the interior sides and replacing them with interior wall's panels... or maybe even new panels or panels added by mods!

They could also add an empty frame that you can place empty then fill with panels... or leave empty, just structural stuff, would look awesome.

Build components would kinda need to be dynamic and mass too (but dynamic mass is needed for all blocks, there's a suggestion for that around here as well).

And coloring per-side would also be nice as well, it's certainly do-able as I managed to kinda do it in a mod but with the lack of access I couldn't make it reliable.

Not sure what issues would arise in adding this... I guess they'll have to try it to find out. This isn't do-able in a mod to the exact extent, it is with classic blocks and having subparts for each side but that would be quite impactful to performance.


Yes, something like what you mention would definitely be great. Because even if we had a separate block (like the interior wall block we actually have), it's just not viable to use for most builds, since adding a second layer of blocks is hugely overkill everywhere but in the largest ships. And especially problematic in places like ship bridges, where you want to place windows.

But also, I think we should really have a generic, universal, smooth surface.

I'd say that thinking about adding any decorative blocks to SE is close to being the textbook example of putting lipstick on a pig as long as we have this "same armor texture everywhere" limitation.


Sometimes I was thinking to add 'textures' via LCD screens, but this is not a real solution bc beyond its power usage the biggest problem with this LCD based approach is that logically it fills up its entire block location.