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Add a grid heat system to nerf weapon spam and "gatwalls"

Endar949 shared this feedback 9 months ago
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I've played a lot on official servers, and due to the lack of specific block limits, players are free to use whatever blocks they want up to the PCU limit. This has caused the PVP meta to become "walls" of small grid gatling guns attached to large ships via rotors, which cause immense amounts of lag due to the high number of projectiles. I believe that this is not their intended use and is extremely unrealistic.

A solution to this problem and others such as generic gun spam would be to introduce a "heat" value to each grid. It would not have to be complicated, only a single value per grid/one value for the whole ship (subgrids would still have their own). When a weapon is fired, the value goes up, and the rate of heat dissipation could be determined by the number of armour blocks on a ship. If the heat value goes too high, blocks that are contributing to the increase could be damaged and stop functioning. These rates could be tuned to allow you to define the intended ratio of weapons to ship size, so would have very little impact on stock ships and most workshop ships.

This would solve the issue of "walls" of smallgrid gatling guns as they would overheat after a few seconds of firing, due to the fact that they are usually very simple smallgrids consisting mostly of the gatling guns themselves. If a player really wanted a gatwall PMW on their ship, they could still construct a slightly more complicated one using armour block "radiator panels", but the change would mean it would be a less lazy way of obtaining very powerful PVP ships. Armour blocks dissipating heat would also give "wing" sections and other aesthetic armour segments more of a practical use as a side bonus too!

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I'd like thermodynamics to be implemented as a whole separate layer of engineering challenge on top of everything else, with specialized blocks like heat pumps, radiators, coolant, etc.. I do like the unintentional nerf to gunwalls it causes.

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