Ability to fill tanks from bottles

George Zeng shared this feedback 23 months ago

I would like to eventually see the ability to drain gas from bottles to be stored in tanks (the reverse of the current function to fill bottles from tanks). While this function would essentially be useless with large grid tanks, it has a lot of potential with small grid, small hydrogen tanks.

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Use case: your small ships runs out of Hydrogen and you bring some via bottles


Hi, I totally agree with the OP.

I have posted a comment on steam suggesting the same thing (before knowing about this thread). Here it is:

"The fact is that I produce in mass a type of very small and simple torpedo/missile drone. Sometimes, when there is an accident or if I forget to fuel the drone before disconnecting it from the production plant, I find myself needing just a little ammount of hydrogen just to taxi the drone to a more convenient position so it can be fueled. So I would find much more easier just carrying a bottle and not needing ice e materials for a O2/H2 generator (not to mention the energy generation) just to give the drone a small amount of fuel (just 2-5% of the tank would make all difference). I do understand that bottles can feed just a small amount of fuel (and it should be so), but I don´t plan to fill any tank in that way.

I have, until now, used the forementioned aproach of the tug ship, but man it takes some time... And making connections using the hinge is not very easy (especially in confined space).

Furthermore, I also think that if we can fill the bottles in the tanks, its natural that some mechanism should exist to restitute the gas from the bottle to the system again".

So, I have been oriented to place that comment in this thread.

I have also posted my save file on steam. The link is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842952899

Congrats to the devs for the game!

Thanks for listening!

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