a way to "draw" blocks.

Skoll shared this feedback 10 months ago

i keep running into situations where i cant smoothly transition from one shape to another.

which is inevitable in a game linking various blocks, would it be possible to "draw in" odd shaped blocks maybe from playing dot-to-dot the vertices of its neighbours? this way the base game doesnt need to list every variation that people can come up with, but players can still be confident there is a way to refine their creations appearance.

also, pretty sure this would be a unique feature/technology for keen. as even in games where you stretch/scale blocks, i cant remember seeing one where you could draw them.

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I'm guessing this is going to be one of those "not planned for SE1" features.

Implementation seems complex, especially since it would do untold things to the existing block and mount system for armor. Though, benefit would be off the charts.


Looking into the sandbox_0_0_0_.sbs file, attachment of parts and blocks follows a simple integer coordinate system. You could easily edit this file and "attach" stuff at impossible orientations and even distances. Meaning, this shouldn't inherently destroy "existing block and mount systems". While this is likely a very simplified and blue-eyed/rose-tinted-glasses view at things, it may be feasible to slot in a system that generates the physical properties of blocks such as component requirements, HP pool, even textures, on the fly for those blocks where you specify the positions of vertices along the block's edges in, say, thirds, fourths, fifths … but I have doubts that SE is quite so modular.


By the way, other games have custom slope shapes too, to show you an example what this interaction could look like (starts at 10 mins):


It would add one block to the GUI, and you could remove a dozen others. Maybe leave the most common shapes like slab and ramp, but all the odd pyramids could be collapsed into one cuboid. Maybe add a hammer tool as well?