a solution for the programable block (why it's disable out of experimental mode)

Game Plays 1230 shared this feedback 12 months ago

i had just tried to the use mod dsk from steam to make ingame script code since i know enough coding to get what i need but no enough to call up all the functions needed for it i new how to call up variables and functions but not api's and i found out it's doesn't do them so

i was wondering if you could make it so the mod dks is able to make ingame scripts this would in it this will be able to let you keep any bugs (crashes/hard crashes ) from happening in your code if any bug is found not by the in_game script's (and also limiting the program block to only interact with the game and some links to trusted websites of your pick that contain other code for the program block) this should be able to keep any bugs from forming

i have looked for other websites there is one that if you can get the owner "doc.pe" is the website it does very good in writing scripts however it hasn't been updated since 2019 before the big mod api change

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this one isn't a good expansion and i don't see the editor button so sorry i have a hard time thinking out these things espuevely when i have a limited time i have made a new one similar to the problem ignore this please sorry