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A small ship jump drive, that has a smaller maximum distance and cant work on super grids

Michael Herbert Wineberger shared this feedback 2 years ago

A lot of players I have heard of though I’ve wanted such a thing and vanilla space engineers practically half of all of them if not most of them including myself would like an in game vanilla jump drive for vinilla. It would just be very exciting for us to see long-range fighters trying to attack a base From a moon away, A long distance small bomber, but also to have vanilla jump capable small ship jump Drive for Shuttle to go explore and do trading missions. I get that the game devs probably thought that it would be overpowered, but I would make it have a limit of not being able to have one function as a sub grid for a super grid capable of jumping far and fast, however I would make it so bases would give it a quick are charging time as well as large grid ships. I will also make sure that it’s Jump distance is a Maximum of 2,500km at max so that way it cant work more powerful than a normal jump drive!

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i vote yes, a small grid vanilla jump drive would be great, as well as equivilent large grid blocks as small grid too!

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