A major UI(User Interface) Revamp is required

Puruska37 shared this feedback 3 years ago

Through the last 2 years we had a few major updates that addresses aspect of the game that needed some focused work.

I believe we are now due for a major interface revamp.

Many suggestion as been made over time and they were never really implemented.

Here a few ideas:

1) I see lacks of info in hoovering box, could give more informations, ex in production tab you only see the name of the component, we could add the mass and volume at least. tools, no metric to compare them, blocks, size (1x1x2) brief description of what it does

2) Having the possibility to configure toolbar so our strange group show a better icon and name

3) inside inventory should have the possibility to scale down the size of those cargo square, they are way far too big which limit what we can see in a single screenshot.

4) chat/faction chat need revising, i think you are already working on that one which also mean get the comms windows out of the control to have it with a good modular chat in the main interface

5) we could use more module object on main playing screen, so we could move things around to arrange our view as we please

6) Use of color is totally lacking, this is a sad monotone interface, were is that candy color that catch our eye and make you say wowwwww when you look at it.

7) GPS screen and management and on hud display need to be improve as well, sort by actual distance, group in subfolder.

8) The new faction screen could have way more information like log of your reputation change, more lore about the npc faction, a more detailed view with quotient of their relation to other faction.

9) I'm sure other players have some great idea to add to this list.

*** Please like this post to make those change a priority for keen ***

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I agree, I would extend this to the whole "user interaction" of the game.

  • Key bindings not found in menus so you have to guess and google to find them.
  • Keys you can't remap, like X in the rovers/ground vehicles that are pretty much press X to explode.
  • Not being able to drag icons on the tool bar.
  • Not being able to assign user icons to the tool bar.
  • Not being able to color icons in the tool bar
  • Not being able to label buttons in the tool bar.
  • No support for multi-action buttons in the tool bar.(Timer block, just don't edit the battery! or you don't have power!)
  • No support for coloring GPS points
  • No support for multi select with GPS points.
  • No support for grouping GPS points.
  • No support for custom icons for GPS points.
  • No Joystick support for flight, or any proportional throttle control. (Full ship, slow, okay, empty ship, RAMMING SPEEEDDD!)
  • No Fuel NAG messages CONSTANTLY even if you have fuel but you turn off the generators on purpose.
  • Forced camera views when you doc ships to CRAZY distances.
  • No ability to click and name parts from a character view. (Mod fixes this, and Build Vision should be STANDARD)
  • Some parts the "blue" face is the back, some the "blue" face is the front, STANDARDIZE ROTATION!!!!!!!!!
  • Buttons like mirror that are not available in Survival are on the UI, and you can click them and see the hovers with no effect.
  • No visual queue or message what blocks are air tight and not.
  • Need better search and filter features on the UI when in a multi block structure.
  • No support for sub grids with projectors.
  • The artificial horizon has no indicator what is straight up, or straight down leaving you lost.
  • Ship weight should be more clear what is your weight, and what is the weight of the connected structure total.
  • Rotors and pistons should have a dedicated control cock pit tool button just like drills and welders, so you can control them with joystick/mouse while in a control set with them selected for control.
  • K menu should have color coding or a tree structure from your grid to all child grids. The color code is 'fine" but it should be sorted by grid, and I should be able to tell what is off the piston I'm clicking, or behind the piston I'm clicking intuitively by the sorting/indentation/or parent/child structure. (It's just a graph folks...)
  • Block groups should know their owning grid, so they can be colored and sorted appropriately.
  • Block renaming in mass, and by sub-grid, etc should be supported.
  • Button to auto prefix all members of a child grid.
  • Negative numbers on sensors so we can change the detection range to a specific box, for when we can't place the sensor right next to our target area.
  • Copy settings from 1 part to another part in our ship via the k menu. (Think sensors/timer blocks with complex logic.)
  • Ability to DISABLE the remote cockpit has taken control.
  • Doors that don't instantly kill you, but shunt you to one side or the other.
  • All blocks need information in the UI, like thrust force, weight, power consumption before you build them, so you can plan.

This turned into quite a list, but I was just clicking thru the interface, and remembering all the annoyances of how it can't be controlled.


The fact that I need to put sensors to trigger something when a piston, rotor has reached one of their ends or a conector and merge block has docked pisses me of. I want to automate but no luck winout C knowlenge and experimental mode enabled.


One big annoyance for me is not being able to read the hud markers (gps, antenna, beacon). The coloring blends in with the background so often and you sometimes have to look in the opposite direction to read it. Overlapping markers are also impossible to read. The text should be moved automatically to prevent overlapping. Part of the issue is the horrid "Debug" font that's used on everything. I played for years before realizing that the space pirates were "SPRT", not "SPAT".

If Keen isn't going to improve these things that were mentioned in this thread, at least make them mod-able. I haven't seen a hud mod that changes the signal markers or the font, which tells me that it's probably hard-coded.


Yeah I forgot hud color, but I lose that all the time.


Most of this list would REALLY bring a much better Survival Mode experience. I'd add to that:

  • Camera zoom freedom always. Currently, when sitting in a cockpit of a complex grid the zoom factor seems to scale with grid complexity and it won't let you zoom in.
  • A total revamp of inventory. Maybe base it on some inventory management mod but the current system gets quite frustrating when transferring items and you gotta search long lists of containers with little hints.
  • Control Panel screen also gets very messy for large grids + subgrids. Even when properly naming one by one, there should be a better way to identify blocks other than alphabetically.

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