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65535 block limit for single grid

Eloe Marcovic shared this feedback 7 months ago
Not Enough Votes

"65535 is the largest number a 16-bit integer value can be. Assuming that the engine only supports a 16-bit integer value for identifying blocks for a single construction"

seriously ? we have 2022 and as far im able to see you still wasnt able to fix that issue, its like 8 years at this stage -

i will not even mention what 16-bit integer is doing in game that works on 64bit computers

how about trying to figure out and maybe "join" 4 integers, or extend ? for example on X,Y axis of grid ? will that be difficult ? and that will will give 4x time of value above ? above also will give you benefit with multicores, to split workload on computer for grid on different cores/threads

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I know right. Its 2022 and this game is build on medival tech.

If they spent the time they waste on exscuses doing somethingh productive we would have a game without comparison or competition.

Lets see what the long expected february update brings. and continue crying than.


Clearly you do not realize there are different types of numbers in programing, float, int, long, ulong, short, double, etc.

You complaint, and proposal (figure out how to 'join' 4 integers) are both absurdly uninformed. Error 404's comment is equally Dunning-Kruger charged.

Are you actually running into issues where you cannot add more blocks to a single grid? Or is this just a complaint because "hey here's a limit and I think the limit should be more because I think it can be more?"

Btw, for both of you, if everything in the game was converted to 64 bit integers, do you have any idea what the unintended consequences of that architectural change would do? I bet you don't. Do you know how long that would take to do? You don't. Do you know much it would cost to make that change? No. And what benefit would that get you? The one person in 10000 that decides one time to build a grid larger than 65k blocks is able to do so. Meanwhile, no other development, bug fixes, or new content was generated for anybody else while this change was made (and likely countless new bugs created). How would all the other players react to that? That's not a good return on investment.


Look here McArthur Wheeler.

Do you know much it would cost to make that change? --->It costs the same if they do anythingh or nothingh at all, they are paid by the month not by effect.

Meanwhile, no other development, bug fixes, or new content was generated for anybody else while this change was made .---> i have reported many (confirmed) bugs as far as 3 years ago and no fixes we introduced since, and what content did we get in that time, toilets and reskined conveyors.

They are working on Roman Engineers, while all their old games are neglected or abandoned.

How would all the other players react to that? ---> how happy are they with the current rotten state of the game.

Now before you cover yourself in lemon juice and go rob a bank just understand that i have had several jobs in diffrent proffesions and i can tell you there are several kinds of people you meet on the way. Generaly speaking there are the ones that get the job done and the ones that dont. When introduced with a problem some will go get a coffe, some will complain and whine about it, some will brake down and cry and the best kind will jump to work and solve it.

It comes down to a combination of inteligence, personality and other person specific parameters, also various outside situations can greatly influence productivity. For example if you are well paid, promised somethingh nice, or maybe thratened with death (like german scientists in soviet service post ww2).

In the end its effect that matters and justifies the means.

I think Keen staff are on the lower end of the spectrum by their abilities. Nothingh personal, just Judging by the products they deliver. A rotten chicken will lay rotten eggs.

Also i think it would save Keen a lot of money if they would be paid by effect, no update for 6 months, no pay for 6 months. No bugfix for 3 years, no pay for 3 years. That would stimulate productivity, produce a better product and keep the players a lot happier.

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