{3rd Public Test] Scenarios remarkably improved this time

ChromaticHamster shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hello again - So I was a bit late getting to testing this time around, but it does appear that all the major issues I reported from public test one and public test two appear to have been fixed in this test. Specifically I tested:

- "Learning to Survive" is completable to the end, and it's fairly straightforward now to find all the task/objectives as well.

- The grinder bug in "The First Jump" is now gone; is also now playable to the end.

The main comment I would make now that things are not broken is that the difficulty curve on "Learning to Survive" does become quite extreme at the end (I'm being intentionally vague in order to not spoil the campaign for others here) and for a new player a bit more assistance might be a good idea. Specifically I would suggest:

- A site (or sites) where you can readily mine and produce the advanced parts, weapons and ships required in order to survive the "boss fights" at the end.

- Some tasks/education around missiles and targeting, which are also important for the end fights

- Some tasks/education around planetary physics, parachutes, wheels and atmospheric engines; which are necessary to master in order to traverse through the last tasks.

- For the less first person shooter savvy perhaps some clever use/tasks around warheads and/or drones/AI in order to help make the last missions easier might be a good idea?

All in all I'm really glad these two scenarios are playable to completion now, and I find them quite enjoyable. The new one in particular I feel can be quite repeatable - especially towards the end when you are left to your own devices in order to figure out how to solve a problem. Perhaps being a bit more generous on the resources and education near the end would make it even better.


Chromatic Hamster

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