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[MOD SUPPORT] Make all Guns and Turrets Blocks integrated with MyEntityCapacitorComponent

ogrimdooh shared this feedback 13 months ago
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For everyone to know, the component "MyEntityCapacitorComponent" is responsible for controlling the cost of recharging a RailGun's energy.

Currently only the "SmallMissileLauncher" type is supported, as it is the base for the railgun. When we need to make a turret, we need to do all the energy control and disable the block to avoid shots while charging, or resort to frameworks like WeaponCore.

However, I think it should be the default weapon system, if you put this implementation in the "MyUserControllableGun" class, all weapon blocks will work with the component, and this would be very good both for modders and for future weapons that are added to the game.

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I think Keen should take suggestions like this seriously to support the mod community, as the mods for this game are what keep it alive. Anything Keen can do to enhance the workflow and flexibility of the API for modders should be high priority in my opinion. I think functionality such as AiEnabled, TextHudAPI, RichHudAPI, Modular Encounter Spawner, and Weapon Core should be made the standard framework for modding and incorporated into games base API by default.


Honestly, I'm not sure why this isn't already a thing. In fact, I am confused as to why such hacks are needed in the first place when turrets have been part of SE for so many years.

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