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[BLOCK SUGGESTION] Railing End / Railing U

Kruger_Doggie shared this feedback 15 months ago
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A railing which is an end piece. So it is open on only one side.

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Of course, they bothered to create an end piece for the Grated Catwalk from the Decorative Blocks 2 DLC, but not for the vanilla Catwalk.

As usual, vanilla blocks got the Sad Pablo Escobar treatment. Consistency nowhere to be seen.


Sorry my english isn't the best. If I understand you correctly, you're referring to the catwalks. But I meant the pure railings that do not have a catwalk. There I only have the following blocks:

-Railing straight

-Railing 2x1 left

-Railing 2x1 right

-Railing center

-Railing half left

-Railing half right

-Railing corner

-Railing disgonal

-Railing double

From them I would like to have the end piece that exists for the catwalks.


Fair enough.

Either way, that just means that not only does this increase the places where this game isn't consistent, it also means that not even the very same DLC package that had both grated catwalks and standalone railings is consistent.

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