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Multi-role blocks

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 3 months ago
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As name say i will like to have Merge_block that is also Battery.

We need just ability to create this kind of mods. I not want single block do all stuff.


Your cockpits are muti-role as they have control block and LCD in single block.

Programing block also has use able LCD screen.

Why man?

I use GridPickupMod to swap 2block Merge_block +Battery_block in my rovers/ships.

Builds can be even smaller with this.

End of class

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As far as I know, blocks with multiple functions have been discussed for a long time but are difficult to implement because of the current engine version.


Well if block definition accept multi fields like fields from merge block then you sort off make this.

Also i seen some mods that have sort of multi-role but that second role was to remove-self.

Other mods use external scripts like this one = Maglev Rail

The round disc part that stick you to the rail is Landing gear that act as "Radar" for rail block that is also "landing gear".

LCDs in cockpits was "a must have" a mod on workshop that used blocks with 3D model offsets.

Yeah ... it does matter as devs rely on created mods in workshop.

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