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Terrain Tool as base game feature + blueprint ability

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 3 months ago
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As some SE people know there is 2 mods that allow player to place voxels in survival.

First one is Concrete Tool by Digi:

And Terrain Tool by Junrall that is based on first:

I am submitting this as "That mods" need to always update when You guys change something...

Also Blueprints not copy voxels so making underground buildings are impossible!!!

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Yes, Astroneer would be a good example of a game that has this. (upvoted)

Suggestion: Both a hand tool and a block tool should be added for this. That way paving smooth roads would be possible with a (possibly even automated) machine. :) Put a drill on the front and the concrete tool on the back (ala Astroneer) and aim where you want your road. :)

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