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Thruster asisted steering 2

error 404 shared this feedback 4 months ago
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I made a sugestion like this 3 years ago.

I think its time to mention it again.

Please include thrusters in the steering of ships so we can get rid of, or reduce the number of gyroscopes.

They take a lot of weight and a lot of PCU, and the larger the ship gets, the more of them you need to even be able to move, which in turn reduced the PCU you can use on blocks that arte actualy fun. Its no fun carrying all this dead weight around.

The word on discor is this was a game design decision, easy mode, to make it easier for noobies to build ships.

Well there are a lot of thinghs that we need to know and learn to build this game, i dont see why an actualy usefull feature such as this should be excluded from the learning process.

And also there are several features with pistons, rotors etc, such as inertia tensors that can be switched on or off, make this such a feature.

A noobie can use gyros, when they learn more they can switch to steering with thrusters.

Everybody wins.

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The issue is not for simplicity, or mass reduction (though that too is a performance concern). Instead, from a "engineering" perspective, gyros slowly accumulate potential and discharge that sharply in one swift burst. They simply cannot be used for continuous steering (once the revs are at zero or at max, device is just inert mass or a stabilizer, respectively). Steering via thrusters instead can be used at any time, if 2 are placed at some distance from each other facing in different directions. Their thrust would not be adjustable, the thrust would depend on distance between opposing thrusters, their force and gris mass. Gyros also use way to little power for the mechanical work they do. They are actually OP and in need of a change


Could still work in addition to "game design decision". Calculate the available torque potentials from the available thrusters at their respective positions and apply at CoM, when fired, just like the torque generated by gyros. Recalculating available thrust potentials from adding/enabling or detaching/disabling individual thrusters already works, might as well throw the torque calc in there, too. It's not like that calculation is even remotely expensive.

We're not asking for ultra precise thruster placement like in KSP here.

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