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Wheels and Suspension improvements and additions.

RYAN ST ONGE shared this feedback 4 months ago
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I will list blocks and features I would like to see added to the game in an order of importance to me.

- Shock Absorbers

- Place 2 wheels onto a suspension or make an extra wide wheel variant

- More Powerful wheels, specifically for large grids

- Wheel hub

For shock absorbers, this forgotten thread from 2 years ago explains what I want very well. Link:

An addition like this would add so much to space engineers, not only rovers, it would benefit almost every type of build in the game.

2 Wheels on a suspension or ultra wide wheels, the link bellow provides a picture. Link:

We could build rovers with two rear wheels on each side, allowing more contact and width for greater stability, balance, and traction while driving while not being forced to build super wide rovers.

The greater traction would benefit from having more torque and power as to allow rovers to climb greater inclines or accelerate faster, which is the next suggestion.

More Powerful wheels, specifically for large grids. This forgotten thread from 3 years ago explains nicely what I'm looking for. Link:

Balancing for the extra torque/power could be achieved by having them draw more energy as they output more power. When climbing inclines that are too steep, the limiting factor should be traction unless someone is trying to move a ridiculous amount of cargo. As it is now, having a large grid rover in itself, with nothing but light armor, no cargo, optimized suspension and traction, they struggle to climb somewhat gentle hills and inclines.

Last is a wheel hub. In essence, a rotor with the ability to turn like suspension but without the vertical travel. It should also be controllable via WASD keys like suspension. These could be used as a more durable and and more powerful alternative to the current suspension/wheel blocks.

Players could design their own independent suspension or make solid axles with a leaf spring style suspension using WHIP's sub grid wheel controller script.

These blocks would also provide = or more clearance than the current suspension block.

Having the hub block be 1 tall x 1-2 wide (depending on wheel size) x 2-3 long should be acceptable. Should this block be made 2 blocks tall, the majority of the hub should be above the center of the wheel, the axle should protrude out of the center of the bottom 2 blocks.

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I've been wanting this since forever. You used to be able to build more wheels onto existing ones but they don't let you do that anymore

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