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Small ship gravity generators

Michael Herbert Wineberger shared this feedback 6 months ago
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Small ship gravity generators would be nice. They can allow walking on small grid ships easier and better, have more possibility’s with scripting, more options, and the possibility of using artificial gravity to bomb things in space which would be really cool!



Zwaartekrachtgeneratoren voor kleine schepen zouden leuk zijn. Ze kunnen het lopen op kleine rasterschepen gemakkelijker en beter maken, hebben meer mogelijkheden met scripting, meer opties en de mogelijkheid om kunstmatige zwaartekracht te gebruiken om dingen in de ruimte te bombarderen, wat echt cool zou zijn!

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Small Ship Gravity generators would be nice indeed! I think it should however be weak, just enough so you don't get stuck floating in space when you tap the Jump button by accident. Just something that will keep the feet grounded. 0.2 G would do the trick :D

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