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[BLOCK SUGGESTION] Armor panels to hide thrusters

Filip Mal shared this feedback 4 months ago
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How about flat armor panels that are cut-off to fit thruster exhausts?

This way players could use them to cover some strange looking gaps made by thrusters while preventing damage from them.

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This or perhaps louvers that don't take damage in an opened state but do when closed.

The could open and close with the activation of the thruster next to it or it would have to be manually activated by the player. Should the louvers be manually activated, a timer block or simple script could be used to open and close them when its thruster is activated.

The could also potentially be used to change the direction of thrust.


MA WeaponCore Weapons mod pack has armor block with cut out holes for fixed lasers weapons.

They work for covering thrusters as well but is only available for large blocks :(

Like to see something similar for large and small grid included in game.


Armor laser 03 block from MA WeaponCore Weapons mod in use

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