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Easy way to trigger lights pressing spacebar "break" or backwards "S" key.

KaiiKiller shared this feedback 4 months ago
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Hello, It would be nice if there was an easy way to have a light turn on when pressing one of the control buttons, so on PC these would be WASD and Spacebar.

I was building a buggy and realized there is no way of having a break light when I hold "Spacebar" key to break or backwards "W" to reverse, or... basically any way to trigger blocks while pressing the control keys outside of being a software engineer and programing it into the game via the programmable block which for someone like me who is not a software engineer or understanding programing language.

Basically the suggestion is can there be an easy way to trigger / turn on / off blocks with the press of control keys without having to become a software engineer, I'm sure console players would appreciate this as well.

I want a break light when pressing Spacebar -__-

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I could see indicator lights that come on when stuff breaks or otherwise fails.

But brake lights would be cool, too.


The input in this game is so ropey that I can imagine the solution we'd get would be something like "is a brake light" in the K menu.


I check box on the light block, use when breaking On/Off wold fix this

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