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Add Linear and Plane Building to Survival

ApexAlphaGaming shared this feedback 4 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I'm sure someone somewhere has suggested this feature, but if it has been suggested on here, either the wording was wrong, or the search is terrible.

I'd like to see Creative Mode's Linear and Plane building abilities be added to Survival. It can simply place the unbuilt frames down, but it would make it so much easier for players. The only alternative, (one most players use), is to build it in creative then project it, then weld the projection, but I see not reason to do all of that when the feature already exists in the game, and simply hasn't been added to Survival mode.

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Yes, that would be nice.

Here i am, trying to build a 275x275 foundation plate for my new base

and just finished the first row thinking: my poor index finger.

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