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Base64 decoder (for images/sounds)

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 8 months ago
Not Enough Votes

Yes sound naive but Base64 is powerfull in adding content without need to create textures sounds (datafiles) in SE Mod folder.

Servers need to host files (SoundMods) for game to play them.

SE support Monospace images created with tool.

Will be great if i can add "sounds" same as i can add images.

With "Base64" i can encode even simple "midi" music that is great for simple notification sound.

I had fun in MineCraft with sound block but SE sound block looks way too primitive.

(I not expect any Votes on this i just post it)

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Hey, miss me?

Guess I didn't get banned after all!

And I'm sure the moderators will allow this singular instance of me *ACTUALLY* being a troublemaking POS since I'm actually on the site to put forward a new winch idea.

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