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Logic gates, atmosphere and Storm detectors.

Evilrobdog shared this feedback 7 months ago
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Not sure if this is even something anyone wants but what about a system update? By that I mean the addition of more stuff for timer blocks in such like logic gates. Maybe no for the logic gates but I would mind the idea of atmosphere detectors so you can detect if there is a Hull breach or just trigger a function you can customise yourself depending on whether it detects a atmosphere or not like how a cockpit can detect a lock on and trigger a function. I think this would just be more of a quality of life update. After all it is kind of sad we Xbox users don't get this function thanks to not having script but if we had a component that can detect an atmosphere or storms even there is so much more we can do.

Anyway lots of love from you're Friendly Evil Enginee.

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For a use of the atmosphere detector, I'd like to know if I need my visor down before I open the airlock.


Or to be able to automate your base protecting itself from electrical storms.


Yes that's closer to my idea and other things like when dust storms start then they close the doors when your inside because we all know sometime we leave doors open.

And the atmosphere detector is more of an idea for primarily airlocks. That will only open the door once the airlock has fully cycled or if the ship is in a atmosphere it ignores the airlock cycle and opens the doors without it. Another use can be for space stations and detecting which rooms a pressurised or which one is are depressurised and triggering alarms if necessary. Air vents can already detect if there is an atmosphere in a room so it's already something that's in the game I just wanted to be able to trigger something if you set it up to do it after all console players don't have script under normal circumstances.

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