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[Petition] Drone block - Follow Guard Drone

Daniel Dupuis shared this feedback 10 months ago
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Hi Keen Team!

Add a new block especially made to create follow Drones directly in-game.

A block we could place into our ship and set it to follow the player or follow the enemy, also be able to be the enemy when set to SPRT Faction.

Reasons :

- To create Cargo Drones that will follow the player so he can empty its inventory or else.

- To create Guard Drones that will follow the player and shoot at enemy entering its antenna range.

- To create Enemy Drones set to SPRT Faction, that can be used by scenario authors and players just to test their Warships.

- To create Battle Scenarios, like Battle areas where the enemy Drones will start to attack players entering their antenna range, ... a lot can be done scenario side.

Additional information :

It's already in-game, like the MULE Drone in the Frostbite Scenario for example, that one follows the player, also in the enemy Drones where the remote control block is modified by the SE programmers and that could be a new block added in the "G" menu to create Drones.

At the end, It's to create more :)

Replies (2)


how about instead of unnecessary making a new block. how about have it just be a feature to the remote control block.

also have it able not just follow the player have it follow ships plus able set a range on how far to follow, you would be able make fleet formation easier also you could redirect you ship and it wont break the fleet formation.


100%. New block, more functionality on remote, an easier way to set them up, set follow distance, formation, et. al.

Should be able to get ships to reliably connect, load, unload, and disconnect, return from ship to ship, avoid each other mostly, without getting all mixed up on alignment along one dimension and crashing tragically all.the.time.

Seeking behavior would be a bonus - e.g. - automated mineral skimmer bot, finds ore, centers on it and reports back.

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