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Give Ball Turret Exploit Official Support With a Hinge Axle

Wolfgang Hauster shared this feedback 19 months ago
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Since the LSG's video on the ball turret on February 5th, the ball turret exploit has been given a lot of fame in the community, with wide enough use to even get noticed by KEEN's social media team in their recent post:

This is a brilliant application of the exploit that would make for an interesting new feature. But, in it's current state, it is not as easy to implement, especially in vanilla, as with the existing Large Hinge and Small Grid Conversion Large Hinge part.

I would like to see this exploit given official support in the form of a new part, a hinge axle, which would roughly be the shape of a 1x3 small-block rotating rod that sits between the attachment points of the large hinge. This axle would be rectangular in shape and have conveyor attachment points throughout its length. Alternatively, this could instead take the shape similar to 3 small hinges lined up, and have 3 conveyor attachment points in one direction (Though I would prefer to see the former).

Whatever form this takes, it would additionally have a button option to quick spawn onto a large hinge, alongside the large hinge part and the small block conversion large hinge part, to allow it to be as easy to build in vanilla as with other hinge mechanisms, and as easily replaced.

Thank you for your consideration.

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We don't need any special block for this. All we need is an extra button in the hinge terminal screen to add a "small" SG hinge part.


While I agree what we need is just the hinge, that solution is sufficient for modders (And I'm surprised no one has yet made that mod), but KEEN as the developer has to be held to a higher standard. If Keen simply did that, it would be a lazy solution that puts a crack in the player's suspension of disbelief, because the hinge part would be free-floating with no physical contact points. Keen tries to keep a sense of verisimilitude in their games for the most part. Letting an official item be left to hover would not be to the quality we expect from KEEN. What I am proposing is a way to give a similar function, while holding up to KEEN's level of quality and consistency.

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