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[1.200.029] Dedicated Server unable to download mods

Dalten shared this feedback 11 months ago
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In existing session, players could not connect "unable to download mods"

upon new start of server session, the following error:

2022-02-14 22:37:12.497: Downloading world mods - START

2022-02-14 22:37:12.501: Server PolicyResponse (1)

2022-02-14 22:37:12.825: Downloading world mods - END

2022-02-14 22:37:12.831: Unable to download mods

2022-02-14 22:37:12.834: Exiting..

2022-02-14 22:37:13.123: Logging off Steam...

2022-02-14 22:37:13.123: Shutting down server...

2022-02-14 22:37:13.520: Done

stopped server, cleared mod cache, started up again with same problem. This is an existing server with otherwise working config. Please let me know what other info you need.

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issue located. one subscribed mod was mistakenly banned on steam workshop, causing the server startup process to fail. close ticket.

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