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Optimization to not render covered textures

HelloGoodbye shared this feedback 6 months ago
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I dont know what is more difficult, rendering block faces that are blocked off or determining which faces to render and which to ignore. I wanted to start this topic to discuss and bring to light that there are potential opportunities to lessen the graphical load.

The example below shows a wall of sloped blocks where the sides are still still rendered as opposed to full block sides which are ignored when bordered by another block. Additionally obscured full block sides on non-armor blocks like those on conveyors, sliding doors, catwalks, and armored panels could be marked to be ignored as well.

This is more a polish item than a interesting feature but when the game runs better, the builds can get bigger and crazier!



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Are you sure they're really not rendered? Just because they are rendered while you're looking at them from the inside doesn't necessarily mean that they are always rendered even when other, outer surfaces obscure them.

Typically, 3D graphics engines do include some form of culling that prevents or minimizes spending rendering of obscured or obstructed elements already anyway.

The problem is more like, why are those particular surfaces visible when looked at from within what's supposed to be continuous solid walls.

Suggest you write a bug and prepare a list of blocks where that problem applies to. For example:



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