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Inconsistent missile interception

error 404 shared this feedback 11 months ago
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Hi :)

Prior to warfare 2 i have complained multiple times about turrets who continued firing after destroying the missile they were firing at.

Well, that seems to be working now, but i do keep noticing turrets are strugling to shoot down missiles. Some of them just turn around and stare in the wall, some are completely uninterested in doing anythingh. Hinge ball turrets react nicely, but they do struggle to hit missiles even if they have multiple guns.

I made a video, also i would like to attach a world for you to test, but i forgot where do i find the file. Someone remind me pls.


I saved and closed the game, than wanted to retry somethingh so i started it and played again, after reopening that world all the cameras, hinges and rotors between the 5 custon turrets have gotten mixed up. No idea whats up with that, i did mark all elemnts and assign them to a dedicated controler, no idea why they got mixed up, they worked well before saving and exiting.

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At the request of Moderator Dan2D3D, I have included a link to a test world where I verified this behavior. I set up a pretty exhaustive series of tests that prove that any sort of gun intercepting a missile is a fluke and not by design.


Charles, your link is to support for pc, could you be more specific please.

So you are trying to say there is a option for turrets to target missiles just for lols, ant it actualy doesnt work apart for sometimes on accident?

What do you mean by that, that its working as intented and i shouldnt complain or is it due to keen's pityfull coding and i shouldnt complain since this is the best they can do?


So, you're saying that missiles that can hit from 2000 meters against guns with almost no chance of shooting them down is WAI? And the fact that a moderator asked me for a saved game that demonstrated this to prove that there was a problem is a Moderator deliberately wasting my time? No offense, but unless you're an official rep from Keen, kindly refrain from cluttering up the issue with opinion and supposition.

They're not going to fix it if we don't take it seriously.


Missiles have 800 meter range, not 2000.

As for WAI, who knows what keen concider a feature and what a bug. I dont think they are in control of their own game. You can see that clearly with people falling in planets on a massive scale, and keen cant even replicate the issue, god forbid fix it.

Dont get so defensive and bitchy., i just asked some simple questions.

So, could you atleast post a proper link to your tests?


Sorry that I have not replied to this earlier. I've been recuperating from surgery.

As for being bitchy, you're the one claiming KSH isn't in control of their own game.

As to the link to the tests, it's at the bottom of this post.

I set up a series of different kinds of turrets with a set of Decoys in the center to draw the fire of the missile turrets. The missiles were at about 790 meters (with a max range of 800) to allow the guns maximum time to intercept. I believe I had a total of 6 guns, with several being the stock Gatling guns and Interior turrets and several more being custom turrets.

In order to conduct my tests, I remotely activated one missile turret and had it fire at the decoys. I placed welders against the armor nearby to give the turrets more time to intercept. I set up 6-8 missile launchers at different angles to see if that had any bearing on the rate of interception.

Later today I'm going to conduct the tests again, record them, and post them on youtube. Perhaps if more people in the community see this the Devs will lend it some credence.


I think the solution should be a new class of turret: flak turrets. Their warheads explode and explode in proximity to their target like a very weak warhead. They don't explode on contact but in proximity doing a radius of damage.

The flak turret should be able to one-shot an incoming missile and engineer with grinder. It would do light damage against small grid and very light damage against a large grid.

With flak turrets, we could then get rid of the option to target incoming missiles with all other turrets and player-made turrets; which would free up a lot turret targeting, as it takes a boatload of turrets aimed at missiles to even attempt to pick ONE off.

A flak gun should also be available for those wanting to make their own turrets.

Balancing can be done with rate of fire/reload time/damage per hit, etc.

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