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Custom Turret Controller - Auto Fire setting

Auhrii shared this feedback 11 months ago
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Some way to disable the auto firing of a custom turret entirely would be useful for ammo conservation, and would allow us to use custom turret controllers purely as targeting computers for aim assist gimbal mounts.

Either an on/off auto fire setting or the ability to simply set the angle deviation setting to 0 should achieve this.

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I would avoid setting angle deviation to 0, and instead use the on/off button because in that way we could use toolbar, timer blocks, ecc... to disable fire, while using a slider would only give the option to increase and decrease the value in the toolbar / timer block.

Another idea would be to put a "safety" checkbox like the warhead one on every single gun, even the static guns, not just for the turrets. This would allow for example for a custom Turret to be told which weapons it can use, if it's a turret with multiple weapons. For example if i have a turret with 3 railguns, i could disable the first railgun safety, and when the turrets decides to fire it will fire with only one of the 3 railguns, then when that railgun is charging i could put the safety and remove the safety of the second railgun, and so on. This can be automated by timer blocks, and will enable custom turret to use a staggered fire mode.


Doesn't turning the Custom Turret Controller block off accomplish that? You can also turn off the AI.


Turning off the turret controller block also disables the auto tracking, which I want to keep.

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