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[Suggestion] Large Gyroscope

Seva shared this feedback 2 years ago
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When building large and heavy ships (10M+kg range), the amount of gyroscopes needed to turn that ship at a reasonably speed is just crazy (100-200 gyro's)!

I would like to see a new large, 3x3 gyroscope that has a much larger torque/mass ratio just like any large type block in SE.

Please do consider this Keen!

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That would be nice. If we can't have thruster-assisted rotation, then at least a larger gyro.


Agree completely. We have large and small generators, multiple flavors of assembler, and two types of refinery. A large 3x3x3 gyro could provide greater torque than what an equivalent space filled with standard gyros could, with an appropriate increase to both power consumption and construction components.


It would be nice to have upgrade modules in addition to reduce block spam and switch to engineering.


Just add the mod "AQD - Upgradeable Gyroscopes" to vanilla game

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