2021 - The two most important additions needed for UI/UX

Brenku shared this feedback 3 months ago

I am a simple man, with a powerful request. I think these are the two most important changes needed for us right now, as far as new features go. I'm not kidding.

I believe that making these two additions to the UI/UX, will speak for themselves.

  1. Additional toolbars.
    - Add CTRL + ALT 1-9 toolbars, and CTRL + SHIFT 1-9 toolbars.
    - We have only had CTRL + ALT 1-9 since the game started, and block count is ever increasing.
  2. Filtering in grid control panel: (steam screenshot or see attached below)
    - We only have 'search' and 'hide' options. Literally only those. You could count grouping, but technically you (generally) have to type to filter for it first.

1. Additional toolbars.

- We keep getting more and more content, and more and more mods. This means more and more blocks.

- We need more space for blocks. Period. We literally have to search every time and swap out parts to the toolbar. This is cumbersome.

Also, have you noticed CTRL + SHIFT + 1-9 works the same as CTRL and 1-9? Why not make it functional?

2. Filtering in grid control panel: (see attached)

- The options I wrote in the example text are just suggestions, and could probably use more focusing. However, I think it's a clear and straightforward way for us to quickly get ahold of our blocks. This would then allow the user to quickly find/group things, without having to LITERALLY TYPE FOR EVERYTHING (search filter).

- As important: this also should filter based on block type, and not by name. This would make it easier to use blueprints between different languages for example, as you're filtering based on properties of the block and not some arbitrary name.

KeenSWH, what is your fixation on manual search filters? :D

Please release us from this typing prison.

New Space Engineers players.

After 100 hours of Space Engineers.

PS - As a third mention... Consider an import/export tool for our toolbars, and GPS lists see (2-C).

It's equally cumbersome putting everything in the toolbars in the first place. Fastest way is again, search filter. More typing.

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I'd just be happy if I could have 0 as assignable hotkey.

Seriously, wasting an entire hotkey just to put stuff away when other games have, say, H for "Holstering" is just staggeringly obvious evidence of the incompetence and indifference in terms of UX and UI design this company concentrates. The amount of times I wasted some item in slot 0 in another game when I just wanted to put away whatever else I had in my virtual hands, just because this, in terms of kindergarten-level user interaction fundamentals, industry-embarrassing trainwreck kept mis-training my muscle memory to do so is immersion-killingly revolting.