[1.195.024] Lights and thrusters of enemy Players accessible, but faction members denied

LordTylus shared this feedback 2 years ago
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Hello there,

today I came across some weird and unespected behavior:

When playing in a faction I noticed Lights and Thrusters being not accessible when I am not the owner of the grid. It does not matter if the grid is shared with the faction or not.


However when the Grid is onwed by an enemy player playing around with Lights and Thrusters is totally fine.


Having Lights and Thrusters being access denied in a faction is a game breaker in my opinion.

And even more so that I can just alter enemy grids however I want. I have the strong suspicion it should be the other way around.

Please fix ASAP

Thank you


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Okay I did some more testing on this and found something out:

First of all Lights and Thrusters of Friendly Grids are ONLY access denied when I have 0 blocks that I own:


If I own at least one Block on it (so I am in the list of small owners) I can alter the lights without issue.


However the same goes for Enemy grids if I have 0 blocks on it (here shown with a control Panel set to nobody) I cannot access anything. 873d67a85026a709d9a331d5556bb317

But if I just place one control panel on the grid I can override and change everything.


Personally I would expect to never have access to an enemy owned grids thrusters and lights. And at the same time I dont think I would need to own 1 blocks on a faction mates miner ship in order to turn the lights on, or change any thrust settings. I assume the same applies to wheels.

Especially on Dedicated servers where we balance with block limits etc we like it when each player has its own "set" of ships he keeps track of (in terms of renaming etc.) So to change lights each faction member needs to own at least 1 block on the grid.

I would assume it should be only that way, depending on the shared status or something like that. So private non shared grids I cannot change anything. And On shared grids I can.

I guess easiest would just be to add computers to lights, wheels and thrusters and them having ownership on their own.

I also provide a world I used to test it. I tested on DS, with actual players. However I also tested in SP. All you do is to join the AoS faction, and alter the control panels on the two grids placed there. Terminal Access of Lights and Thrusters only changes after closing and reopening the terminal.



Adding computers to lights, wheels and thrusters would make them target for turrets/weapons AI, which we think was to much big change to do. We might consider changes in ownership in the future.

Thanks for the feedback


The ownership issues have been around for ages. Surely basic ACL/IAM is not beyond the abilities of these space-faring engineers.


this issue is annoying, how about having a whitlist/blaklist - ownership/admin level on the info screen

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