[1.189] Modification on the new spawning system

ChrisHiss shared this feedback 4 years ago

Currently the spawning system is: when you die you spawn at the closest survival kit or medbay

I think instead of respawning close to one of these two blocks in order to respawn you should instead heal once or click on the medbay or survival kit of your choice to set a "checkpoint"

For example you would need to go to the actual medbay or survival kit to set your spawn, so if you die during a travel from earth to a space base and you couldn't reach space base's spawn point, you would spawn back to your earth base

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now this is garbage

im on CZ2

my alliance had to move with the change.

now I spent a whole day setting up a base in space. one of my guys built on on a plannetI log in today and there is NO WAY TO GET TO MY OWEN SHIP BECAUSE YOUR SYSTEM ONLY LETS ME SPAWN AT HIS

I don't know what problem you were trying to fix with this little tweak. but its garbage. please fix so I can actually choolse where I spawn.

as the leader of an alliance who needs to be able to move around.. this does not work.even as just a team member this is unacceptable. I can not even get to my ship now without destroying my teammates ship.

id like to hear a response to this please.


Hey Z'Kell, as a temporary fix try having your faction member turn off his Medical Room/Survival Kit while you respawn at your base.

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